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Ayeyarwaddy and Belo Monte

About one month ago, I read a very interesting article on a French web site; it is about one of the biggest hydraulic dams in the world which will be constructed by the Brazil government. I really want to share with it because it reflects our current tissue, the Ayeyarwaddy, about which many ecologists discussed and all the citizens protested against it.

For the project of the Brasil government also, many people oppose it because it may harm the Indian community who live in that region as well as the animals and the forests. 6000 families are obliged to move from their land where they live since longtime and settle somewhere else. TheBrazilgovernment has not consulted with the people from Amazon before they set up that project.

On that photo, you can see Raoni, one of the leaders of Kayapos, an indienne tripe who live in the Amazon, inBrazil.

Consequently, the Summit was held in presence of the representatives from the Amazon to be able to stop the construction work already started at the Amazon; discussed on that huge dam Belo Monte and try to find the ways to oppose it.

Near to or far from her ?

Aung San Su Kyi and I

The distance between Daw Aung San Su Kyi and I is like bifocal glasses in my own words because when I meet some friends who think her as a hero of our country, I surely have a positive point of view on her. But sometimes when I see and talk with some unpleasant members of NLD when I go to the NLD office for some interviews, I want to change my opinion about her thinking that if she really know to manage the political affairs for our country in comparison with the military guys whose service is more than 20 years to govern Myanmar people. There is always confusion in my mind about her; competent, negotiable, skilful,or stubborn.

Nevertheless, when I saw her in very beautiful and elegant traditional dress receiving noble prize in Oslo, and also listening to her speech which make me feel sad and content at the same time on behalf of people; especially Burmese people.  I admire her from the bottom of my heart and I respect her for her thoughts as well as her sacrifice. Moreover, I realized that nobody is perfect and for us, we had the opportunity to be led by Aung San Su Kyi, a leader of awe-inspiring tenacity; so should we be responsible citizens to be part of the set up of real democratization for Burma with her?

And I also like to share some parts of her speech at noble prize receiving ceremony which touched me a lot.

Often during my days of house arrest it felt as though I were no longer a part of the real world. There was the house which was my world, there was the world of others who also were not free but who were together in prison as a community, and there was the world of the free; each was a different planet pursuing its own separate course in an indifferent universe.