Music makes perfect

I like music, any kind of music.

Music shows up our feelings, our joy or our sorrow. It reflects our lives : we can find a baby in a secure place, a man with full of duties or a broken-hearted woman in a song.

Music makes me feel sad, sometimes relieved and also it rejuvenates me when i heard the oldies.

Consequently, music will exist until the end of the world.


The film of the month

Thank to Teacher Daw Aye Mya Hlaing, i had the opportunity to watch a part of  film which can really touch me and give me some energy to carry my life on against all depressions and pains.

I heard of this film since longtime but i did not really make effort to buy it or rent it.

It is about a vice-president woman who has to take some important decisions through the people around her, especially the men, who don’t have any confidence on her in political affairs.

The life of women are not easy, but we have to struggle to be  competent and skilful ones.



Some teachers are unpleasant, some are severe and some are adorable.

According my personal experience, i took part in those who were strict at the beginning of my career, especially when i was young but little by little i become a flexible teacher through my experience in life.

Anyway, there is one common point for all the teachers: they are fond of teaching, sharing their knowledge, love their students and want them to succeed in life.



Everybody needs a shelter.

For those who have a reliable shelter, life is perfect.

For those whose shelter being destroyed, life is unstable.

For those who are waiting for a shelter, life is full of hopes.

zebra crossing and I

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